Arquivos para UV

When we are talking about physical variables, as temperature, pressure, etc., as a Data Scientist, usually we start working from a dataset that was created somewhere else. But have you thought about how to capture those data yourself?

On this tutorial we will get data from several different sensors, sending them to an IoT service, and to a mobile App (Thingsview), where we can log and play with data. We will explore several different communication ways of connecting sensors to a Raspberry Pi, as:

  • DHT22 – Temperature & Humidity Sensor – Digital Comm
  • DS18B20 – Temperature Sensor – 1-Wire
  • BMP180 – Temperature & Pressure Sensor – I2C
  • UV – Ultra Violet Sensor – Analog Sensor via A/D and SPI bus

In short, all data will be captured, saved locally on a CSV file and send to an IoT service (, via MQTT protocol, as you can see on below block diagram:

To complete a real Weather Station, on the final step, you will also learn how to measure wind speed and direction, following Mauricio Pinto‘s tutorial.
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Neste tutorial, capturaremos dados remotos como UV (radiação ultravioleta), temperatura e umidade do ar. Esses dados serão muito importantes e serão usados em uma futura Estação Meteorológica completa.

O diagrama de blocos mostra o que obteremos no final.

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